What's the 'Why' Behind Your School's Social Media?

Pause, Reflect and Reconsider

Is your social media strategy still in line with your overarching school marketing objectives? Taking a moment to pause, reflect, and reassess your social media efforts could be valuable to ensure they are working in your favour instead of hindering your progress. Without establishing a clear understanding of your 'Why' it becomes challenging to determine the appropriate 'How' and 'Where' for your social media efforts. Start by defining your purpose to ensure your strategies align with your goals.

Assess Your Overall Marketing Goals

Delve deeper into your overall marketing goals and assess the areas that require attention. Identify where your marketing funnel needs improvement and focus on filling those gaps. Are you targeting new audiences? Do you need to guide prospective parents through the admissions process more effectively? By determining where your priorities lie, you can allocate your efforts accordingly and concentrate on the areas that demand the most attention.

How Does Social Media Contribute?

Next, consider how social media can support your goals. For instance, if you're targeting new parents, how can social media assist you? Take into account the concerns and questions your target audience may have when searching for a new school. Determine what type of content you can share on social media that will capture their attention. You'll want to take into consideration both organic and paid social media marketing.  

Evaluate Your Current Social Impact

Regularly conducting audits of your social media channels is essential. Utilise your social platform analytics and tools like Google Analytics to gather as much data as possible about your social media presence.

Segment your Google Analytics data to specifically measure traffic from social media sources. This will provide valuable insights into the demographics of your social audience, how they engage with your website, and the impact they have on your larger marketing / website goals.

Adjust Your Strategy

If you're not achieving the desired ROI from your social media efforts, it's time to make some changes. Take a step back from the 'post' button and reassess your motives. Realign your social media goals with your overall marketing objectives and develop specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) social media goals that you can evaluate and adjust as needed.

Monitor Your Results

Baseline social media data is essential for monitoring progress, measuring effectiveness, and making informed decisions to enhance your school marketing strategy. By leveraging this data and regularly monitoring your statistics you can refine your approach, engage your target audience more effectively, and achieve your overall marketing goals with greater efficiency.

Say goodbye to questioning the purpose of your social media efforts!



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