Google Analytics for Schools: GA4 & Beyond

👋 Farewell to Google Analytics UA
In the dynamic realm of digital marketing change is the only constant. For years now Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) has been the cornerstone tool for businesses and the most forward-thinking of schools, offering invaluable insights into their online presence and marketing strategies. But now, a seismic shift is on the horizon as Google plans to bid farewell to UA access come July. Unsurprisingly, this announcement is leaving school marketers scrambling for solutions.

🤗 Embracing the Era of GA4
There’s no denying it, Universal Analytics has been a dependable companion, providing schools with a wealth of data on website traffic, user interactions and conversion metrics. However, with the inevitable shutdown of UA access, concern is rightfully mounting among school marketers over the loss of its familiar functionalities. Enter GA4, Google's vision for the future of analytics. With its emphasis on machine learning and cross-device tracking, GA4 promises deeper insights into user behaviour. However, these insights come at a cost as school marketers grapple with a new data model, its persona segmenting limitations and the potential for data interpretation discrepancies such as the prospective parent’s customer journey.

🧭 Navigating the Turbulence
As schools make the final leap to GA4, third-party suppliers will play a key role in helping marketers tackle the data analysis hurdles they’ll soon be forced to face. With a trusted data partner, schools can smoothly navigate the turbulent landscape, delving into their audience's behaviours and preferences with ease. Harnessing this abundant data empowers schools to identify personas and their distinct journeys, ultimately enhancing engagement and boosting conversions. Data transforms from a foe into a strategic advantage!

🔓 Unlocking the Power of AMAIS
Enter UBIQ, bringing a wealth of experience and specialised tools to help schools interpret and leverage their data to the fullest. Unlike other school website platforms, UBIQ’s AMAIS goes beyond basic data tracking, offering actionable insights and granular segmentation options. With AMAIS, the transition from UA becomes an opportunity for growth rather than a setback.

Google Analytics may be changing the game, but AMAIS is the game-changer for schools. By diving into advanced analytics and mapping out customer journeys, school marketers can ride the wave of change with ease, opening doors to new levels of success. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated analytics tools and hello to growth with AMAIS. The future of school marketing has arrived! 


Are you facing data challenges at your school? 

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