Welcome to The Virtual Marketer! My name is Alta Justus and having worked with schools throughout the UK and internationally, I soon recognised the need for digital marketing services, support and training in the education space.

With 18 years of marketing experience, both in commercial and schools, I have a passion for digital and a drive to always be learning. So, whether it’s SEOsocial media marketing, content, or Google Analytics, I’ve made a point of becoming — and remaining — an expert in the digital areas that can have the biggest impact on a school’s brand recognition and admission numbers.

Why Work with The Virtual Marketer?

Keeping up-to-date with changes in the digital marketing landscape takes time that the average school marketer just doesn’t have. But as we all know, it’s essential a school have a strong digital presence in order to reach your target audiences — be that parents, pupils, alumni, or your local community. So, what’s the solution? The Virtual Marketer!

Think of The Virtual Marketer as an extension of your school’s marketing team. Whether for a one-off project or ongoing support, I’ll provide the services, support, and training to meet your school’s objectives.

If your school is looking to improve your digital presence but don’t have the budget or the need for a full-time digital marketing expert, I can work seamlessly with your team to maximise your school’s digital impact.

To learn more about how I can help your school succeed, visit the services section of my website or contact me directly below.

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