Social Media Marketing for Schools

The Best Place to Start 

Are you just starting out on social media and wonder where the best place to start is? Or maybe you’ve been doing it a while but aren’t sure of the actual return on your efforts. Social media for schools is really no different than with any other business — you need to identify your goals and create an effective way to measure your success. If you’re looking to improve in any area of your school’s social media let me help you get on track!

Just a few of the ways I can assist with your school’s social media marketing:

  • Developing a realistic and effective social media strategy
  • Determining the platforms that work best for your school
  • Setting up and configuring your social accounts
  • Ensuring your social media accounts are consistent with your school brand
  • Developing social media guidelines for your school staff
  • Creating social advertising campaigns
  • Setting and reporting on social goals
  • Managing posts with third-party platforms
  • Technical support

No matter how big or small your school’s social media marketing goals are, I’m here to help. Visit my blog, join a webinar or contact me today!

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