The Minimalist Guide To Digital Marketing For Schools

APR 27 2022

No time? No resources? No worries! Digital marketing for schools in 5 simple steps.

1. Go Back to Your Marketing Plan

  • What is it that your school is trying to achieve?
  • What is your end goal?
  • Are you looking to increase Admissions or maintain your numbers?
  • Expand into a new location?
  • Launch a new revenue stream for the school such as boarding or a nursery?

Begin with identifying what it is you need to achieve. A clear goal is essential and key to weeding out marketing activities that don’t help to achieve the goals that matter.

2. Clearly Identify Your Key Target Audience

No matter what your goal, you should have a very clear picture of who your target audience is, what their key pain points are, as well as a clearly mapped out journey you’d like them to take on your website. With the final goal of a conversion. Utilise your Google Analytics and Search Console to further clarify your target audience demographics, location, interests, and behaviours on your website. 

3. Determine What’s Working

The key to understanding what’s working with your digital marketing efforts are website goals – goals of course that clearly align with your overall marketing goals. Again, utilising your analytics, determine the channels and marketing efforts that are not only driving your key audience to your website but leading to conversions. Delve deeper into your data using an advanced digital experience platform, such as Ubiq’s AMAIS™, to fully capture your audience’s path to conversion. Use this invaluable data to further perfect your customers’ website journey and increase conversions.

4. Use Smart Tools to Do the Heavy Lifting

Ironically, the more successful you are at your digital marketing, the more you’ll need to rely on digital tools to ensure you work smarter. A few of our favourite tools that have stood the test of time:

Two exciting new tools that are shaking up the way schools’ market:

  • GA4 – Google Analytics’s new cookies-free data platform
  • AMAIS™ – a platform designed for marketers to share and control digital content

5. Have Faith in Your Data, But Continue to Monitor and Adapt

Statistics certainly aren’t everything, but when it comes to trusting my gut instincts or accurate and reliable data, we’d put our money on the facts every time. When both time and money are in slim supply, which would you choose? With that being said, don’t assume that you shouldn’t continue to monitor your marketing and adapt your efforts – after all, if we relied on what worked 5 years ago, schools might still be questioning the value of digital marketing. Fundamental to your success as a digital marketer is accepting the fact that the only thing that remains constant is change.

If you’re lacking the resources, knowledge, or support to implement any of the above, only a click away.



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